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Why You Should Talk To Strangers


Running time : 27:57 min

Actors : Jessie Cox, Oliver Saint, Tyler Torro


All straight guys have the fantasy of coming across a beautiful, slutty stranded chic on the side of the road that's willing to do anything for a ride to safety.

Fortunately for Oliver Saint and his buddy Tyler Torro, today happens to be a day they'll never forget.

These two go lost on their way to a party out in the country when all of a sudden, a whorish looking blonde in skimpy clothing appeared at the side of the road, who happened to be in desperate need of a ride. So instead of heading to the party, these two the lovely Jessie Cox back to their house for a little fun.

As you can see in the preview, these two studs don't waste any time getting her naked, and fulling her up with their meat poles.


Why You Should Talk To Strangers Image 1

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