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Tyson, Angel & Liz


Running time : 18:30 min

Actors : Tyson, Elizabeth, Angel B


Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my....wait; wrong movie...Angel, Tyson and Elizabeth, oh my!This trio came with us to an adult expo recently and while at our hotel, we got a call from Tyson, one of the guys. He was pretty excited on the phone, but he basically spurted out that all three of them were getting naked, and if we wanted to film it, we better hurry up...

As we grabbed our gear and ran down the hallway, the closer to their room we got, the louder the giggles and laughs got. As we burst through the door, they were putting their clothes back on, so we could get everything from the start.

We had the three hotties start off on the bed, evolving from kissing and stripping, to Elizabeth deep throating Angels cock while Tyson licks and fingers her pussy.

While slobbing on Angels cock, she tells Angel 'Watch him fuck me', as Tyson presses his bare cock-head against her glistening slit. Yes, I said bare. These three are good friends and had no problem doing the scene bareback...so Tyson shoves his rock-hard pole into Elizabeth, practically taking her breath away. She loves it!

From doggy style, to cowgirl, these three fuck, suck and play in all different ways. With 2 cocks, 2 tits, and 3 mouths, things get hot! So sit back, unzip and live in the moment.


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