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Thrill Her


Running time : 36:19 min

Actors : Brittany Amber, James Jamesson


On a warm summer evening, somewhere on a clearing among rolling, grassy hills, we find James Jamesson escorting the lovely Brittany Amber home after a study session. Brittany has a secret crush on James and is quite chatty when she gets nervous talking to cute boys. James likes Brittany too, but he has a problem. Well maybe not a problem as much as a secret of his own.

You see, James suffers from a bizarre condition, one over which he has very little control. Otherwise a charming, sweet, well-intentioned young man, under certain conditions James becomes someone...or someTHING else. Yes, James is what's referred to in folklore as a 'werewolf.' But don't be frightened by this afflicted young man. You might, in fact, enjoy the way James stalks his prey when the spirit of the beast overtakes his senses. And you'll surely take great interest when he pulls out his large, swollen cock for Brittany to taste. But take caution when James ravages the defenseless young girl as primal instinct becomes too much to suppress. This werewolf fucks like an animal!


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