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Studding Twins & Nikki


Running time : 23:15 min

Actors : Nikki Rhodes, Matt Studding, David Studding


The twins, Matt and David Studding are back once again and they are here to show Nikki Rhodes a hell of a time.

Matt and Nikki are already getting hot and heavy in the bedroom but David isn't back home from work yet. Soon enough, David comes home from work and on his way to the door he hears the sweet sounds of sexual moans. He opens the door to find his brother getting a fierce blow job and is pretty upset that they didn't wait for him to get home.

Being upset didn't last long because soon both brothers are fucking, being sucked and tasting every part of her. They sure do give her a hard pounding and some high fives in the mix. The twins are sure fun to watch and their loads are heavy and creamy.


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