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Nick & Judy


Running time : 14:50 min

Actors : N/A


This week we bring to you Nick and Judy. Nick, being the big strapping stud that he is, loves to sink his huge swollen member into petite, young college hotties.

Judy happened to be attending college in the same town we were shooting in. She responded an open recruitment ad we posted a week before we arrived in her city. They were both a joy to work with, as they both knew what they wanted, which was to screw each other, and how to handle it.

The two made a wonderful scene together without us giving them any pointers. We start out with Nick and Judy kissing, twisting and turning their tongues into each others mouths, and as they undress, you can just about feel their desire to rip the rest of their clothes off and just start fucking like wild animals.

Well, once the actions starts, it basically spirals into an all out pound fest, with both of them being very vocal, letting us know that they are having an absolutely wonderful time, which is what great sex is supposed to be!

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