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Brian & Sasha


Running time : 15:34 min

Actors : N/A


This horny couple only met a few weeks ago at a supermarket. And it's been 'on and popping ever since' says Brian.

Well, they definitely prove that. Immediately, they get into a nice 69 with Brian on top. Well, this only lasts so long until Brian can't take it any more. He must sink he tattooed member into Sasha's already warmed up pussy.

You could definitely call Brian a pounder, because this guy brings new meaning to 'beating guts'. The longer the scene goes on, the more chaotic it gets. To top it off, Sasha squirts when she gets really turned on. Which is multiple times.

This is one of those flicks that'll leave you breathing as hard as the people on the screen even after you turn it off.

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