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Brandon, Link & Sasha


Running time : 20:19 min

Actors : N/A


This trio has been friends for quite a while. Actually, Sasha and Link both have partners, one of which watched the scene from the background as it was filmed.

The temperature gets turned up pretty fast in this one. The two college studs immediately put Sasha into a land of pleasure. Link starts licking and squeezing her tits, while Brandon eats her well.

The situation quickly escalates from there. Link sinks his shaft up to his balls in Sasha's pussy. While Brandon puts his rock hard cock into her mouth. This three some ends with Link spurting out a load onto her back while she sucks off Brandon until he's about to cum, then he pulls it out of her mouth, and explodes onto her face. YEAH!

Brandon, Link & Sasha Image 1

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